My name is Mandy Oosterhagen and I live in the eastern/ center part of the Netherlands in Arnhem together with my two Finnish Lapphunds Shufai and Amira

In 2010 I imported my first Finnish Lapphund from Finland from the Kennel Pakkasukon (Maria Lindstrom) . Shufai is a very stable and tolerant male and has a very open en enthousiatic character and likes to cuddle.

In 2016  I imported another Finnish Lapphund from Norway from the Kennel Born to Rule(Jonna Almenas) This time I decided to import a Female , this is even more special because she is a daughter of Shufai . Amira is a incredible sweet girl who likes to explore and loves children.

I am  very proud that I am the owner of Shufai and Amira as both have amazing personalities and bring a lot of happyness to the family.






Mandy Oosterhagen